For this craft, most people know how to make this but some don't. But thats ok! Here you will learn and you will see it's very fun and there's more than one way to use them.:)

You'll Need ....Edit

A piece of paper already in a perfect square colored or white, you will also need your creativity

1. Start with a the square piece of paper.Fold it diagonally and then open it again. Do the same to the opposite side.

2. Fold all four corners into the middle

3. Flip it over. Fold all four corners to the middle again

4. Write numbers 1-8 in each little triangle

5. Open each flap and write two fortunes inside on each side. it can be something like YES, NO, MAYBE, OF COURSE, DEFINITELY, DEFINITLY NOT or YOU ARE COOL , YOU ARE NICE , YOU ROCK! you cant do on triangle YOU ROCK or something like that and then in the same craft put NO or YES. when you make a fortune teller it says yes or no and before you play have them ask a yes or no questions.

6. Flip it over and color the four squares different colors

7. fold the craft ina have so you can only see two colors on each side

8. Slide your fingers under the four corner flaps and work the creases out to make a fortune teller/cutie catcher
Cootie catcher picture

cootie catcher